Ryde Elim
vision and values



48 Albert Street,
Ryde, PO33 2SB

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Mission Statement: "To be a church at the heart of the community, lifting up the name of Jesus and releasing every member into ministry."
Commitment: To help people become committed Christians and part of the life and worship of the church.

We are involved in a number of evangelistic projects and seek to invite people to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. As well as traditional models we simply want to bless the community we are part of, whether that be through social action or simply building relationships

Discipleship: To disciple our members in an atmosphere of love, prayer and teaching, to become more like Jesus.

Our primary focus of discipleship are the house groups. There are a number of small groups that meet each week in various houses; during the evening there is fellowship, discussion and a focus upon the previous weeks morning message. The aim of these groups is to grow spiritually and numerically with a focus upon personal discipleship and personal evangelism.


Service: To release every member in ministry and mission in the power of the Holy Spirit to develop and use their gifts fruitfully, irrespective of their age.

We believe that every member has a mission field, whether that is in the secular workplace, at home or in the church. Our aim is to equip and release people to be effective in their places of mission, to be empowered to witness and to move in the power of God.

Unity: To work together in unity, both within the fellowship and within the Island church community.

The bible tells us that God commands a blessing when brothers dwell together in unity. It is our desire as a church to model unity because it is what God wants and expects of His people.